Tired of routine, lost in space, and a mindful childish dreams one day I just decided to pack my favorite tees, a pair of shorts, my favorite boots, and take my bike along to discover the world and have some fun around.

This might be a little bit childish and wild at the same time. Just getting a bicycle and cruise around..and put myself in risk of getting ran over in the road? What!? It doesn’t sound to intelligent but I truly believe that in order to pursue dreams, goals, or achievements you gotta risk yourself. This is my dream, to make my life the most of it..to collect experiences, moments, and stories to create one big book of my life!

Consequently, promote and motivate others to live life and squeeze every second of it. Also, make conscious and awareness of our planet and how we can give out to it with projects, ideas, or anything in between that could help the environment. Ultimately, introduce the bicycle not only as a way to commute but also a way to travel and discover the unknown.

hop on, let’s roll..