Hola amigos!

First of all thank you for taking the time on reading and following this photo diary.
If you feel inspired or just takes you away from daily life.
Let me tell you I feel so honored and excited about it!

To portray and motivate others that everything is possible and how far a bicycle can take you it’s the merely purpose of this incredible adventure.

I’m currently prepping to take over Baja California, Mexico for the third time..

This time hopefully riding as fast as I can to establish a record for the “Baja Divide” which runs all the way from Tecate, Baja California Norte to Los Cabos, Baja Sur.
A self supported off road journey across the Baja peninsula! Yee ha!
As you already know the world rolls moneywise and I’m not rich but I’m grateful and positive though. I have had hard times in the way, slept in hundreds of places, and tons of stories which makes me joyful to recall! I quit my full time job, to take the time to travel, document, and “motivate” others to go around. Believe it or not, it takes time, energy, and passion. It’s harder than cycling 100km, honestly…hahahah.

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