Ciao Baja


Time to say bye to this peninsula.
It took me 14 days the first time I cycle Baja, that happened on March 2017.
But had to go back home leaving me without opportunity to cycle anymore.

Frustrated of not accomplishing my main plan, on July 2017… just 2 months later I grabbed my bicycle once again and head down for the second time.
This time I enjoyed the ride and finished in 18 days.

My average speed was 20 km/hr , I usually started cycling from 7am till dark.
I covered 100 – 130 km every single day, the most I cycled was a stage of 200km.
That was Loreto to Santa Rita.

I did wild camping most part of it, slept on the desert, beach, restaurant’s back yard, fire stations, police stations, churches, and inside an ambulance. One day I did rent a hotel in Loreto BCS which I took a day off. Finally..

Handling a vegan diet wasn’t hard at all. Baja has it all…for example: fruits, vegetables, nuts, rice, and beans. Rice and beans burritos topped with guacamole was the best after dead tired stages. For a mid energy snack I usually ate mixed nuts with peanut butter and banana.

For liquids, I almost drank 5 liters of water per day, 2 electrolytes, an orange juice.

For the record, I ate cake and bread several times…which I´m pretty sure it wasn’t vegan.

Mazatlan…you are next!

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