Je suis perdu

I have no clue why Audrey Hepburn said “Paris is always a good idea” but I do know..
arriving to France in a bicycle was a bomb ass idea..forrrrreal





…zippin a glass of apparently oxygen after km’s of hills is always a great idea of course..




Waking up somewhere in the French Riviera aswell, no doubt about it..




ordering a coffee and a croissant in French every other day when I don’t even dominate my main language was probably the best idea ever cause I made a fool of myself and it was fun. Merci!



I was really proud and excited to find out what “fromage” meant after a couple of days of roaming around. Now, I could order and obviously eat it! Yeah, it’s cheese but I didn’t knew till I saw it in a breakfast menu. The words, “Sortie” and “Fromage” are two of the words I saw the most everywhere in France and had trouble to find out what they were. One is exit and the other cheese, I ate an omelette au fromage to celebrate that damn life accomplishment..


Knocking cars in Aix in Provence or a dog posing for a flick, what bout that!






French pastry is not a myth is a must..




creepy as the Blair witch movie but hilarous, I made it to the Cannes festival just in time..





Not bragging  but my $200 pesos jacket which I lift in a flee market over in Mexico had my current and next location . A bientot Cannes..











At the end I didn’t knew if Paris is a good idea or not but one thing for sure I know is that giving two fucks would always be a great idea.

note to myself.




La Costa Brava


Have you ever been in a 12 hour flight next to a baby? I mean, a baby like a child not a hot curvy girl.

Well, I guess I have to cross this off the list because Jesus Christ AKA God decided to put me next to a newborn baby for a transcontinental flight from Los Angeles to Madrid. About to be a long journey..

It has been like a ritual how I prepare myself before the flight takes off. First, I play my favorite song in my mp3 player and then I cover my face with a beanie. I do this just in case something goes wrong with the take off. For example, the plane crashes, gets in fire, and probably everyone dies. That includes me. This ritual has been a success to avoid any personal panic attack and in case I die I’ll die happily with a rush of adrenaline from Death From Above 1979 between my ears.


Take off, was good. The baby wasn’t to excited about it though. 

A loud stubborn cry made me uncover my face and inspect what was happening around with my fellow “neighbors”. Yes, very obvious..a baby crying and two young parents dealing with him with a repetitive “shhh,shhhh,shhh”. 

“Lo siento” the father said a few minutes later with a Spaniard accent. Which I just replied with a smile and a polite “No hay problema”.

Realizing I wasn’t going to be able to sleep at all I started typing a few things in my phone and semi planning the next 90 days in the old continent. I was really focus on my thing until the father asked me if it was my first time in Spain and all this popping bonding questions that he brought to the table.

Luckily, the baby was deeply in sleep by now that I could maintain a conversation with both of the native Spanish parents for the rest of the flight.

Is it legal to wildcamp? Is it legal to do this and that? Is it expensive? Where do I go? Where do I stop? How do I get there? What if? Where can I?

I wasn’t out loud crying like the baby but now I was absolutely more noisy than the child. I couldn’t stop asking questions and questions and questions by anymeans..

I wish one day they could read this and see the pictures of all the places they told me to go and stop.

If it wasn’t for them I probably had missed La Costa Brava.


La Costa Brava is the Northeastern coast side of Spain that runs from Blanes to Portbou, France. Fantastic views, weather, scenary, hills, downhills, and nature. Just like in the Hollywood movies but fancier. I didn’t took that much pictures considering that I wanted to enjoy every single second and record every image in my mind. Eventhough, I took a few for my future grandkids to see just in case they think I’m bullshitting them..

There is a lot of spots you can stop and stroll  between La Costa Brava. I chose two just because the names sound hella cool, Tossa de Mar and Cadaques.

This two touristic places are not expensive as I thought…well it only gets expensive if you are on a strict beer, pizza, and ice cream diet. Other than that I highly recommend to stop and give them a try.

In Tossa de Mar I met this old vivid character, his name is Giovanni. After a few “cañitas” he told me:

“Estas haciendo cosas de niños pequeños” ( Your doing kid stuff ). I didn’t catch his tone of voice nor in what way he ment to tell me that but it was funny. He was right, I’ve been doing it since the Stone Age..



Cadaques, located 100km up North from Tossa de Mar is where Salvador Dali decided to live and invest his peaceful time into art. I personally don’t know much about Dali other than his moustache but for art junkies I think this would be a great place to discover more about him. You can find his house that is now a museum to visit.

But if you are not interested in art or history or Dali or anything in between. You have other options like ice cream. I literally spent a day eating ice cream and watching the day go by. The view was georgeous with a soundless environment that made this a perfect place to rest.


Dali absolutely knew where to live. Not because of the ice cream he had around the corner but of the tranquil life he chose..

…quality instead of quantity.




Way back in college I wrote a fiction essay as a final assignment for the endless insipid fall semester of 2013. The story was a round up of a kinda James Bond thrill. The main character that had a buzz cut, slim, and nordic appearance was chasing a Swedish model through out the globe. He had to save her ass from some evil futuristic robots that were messing around planet Earth on the year 2889 or so. At the end of the story of course he saved her and of course he was the hero and if there was any doubt if he ended fucking her….yes, he absolutely did. Day and night just like in the classical movies.

What I liked about this character, it’s the fact that he had a super power. He could teletransport anywhere as soon as he snapped his fingers. One day he was in Malibu, Wednesday in Slovenia, and the weekend in Croatia. Other than that he was a normal human that enjoyed fresh orange juice in the morning and chocolate milkshakes at night. He also had a black Porshe Carrera, which he used to cruise around the Mediterranean every now and then.

To summarize all this bs I wrote to pass my english class; This guy lived an easy life. He woked up anywhere and snapped his fingers whenever he felt the need of some breezy air. He also had to rescue hot models when he had to and collect speeding tickets through the French Riviera in his down time. Lucky him.


Second time in stunning Spain, first time in Barcelona. Spended a couple of mornings high on coffee and bumpin to my favorite disco jams. Also, hitting up the trails of the beach coast and browsing for my future affair in local bike shops between the crowded metropolitan block. After a few days of bike hunting I found by merely coincidence Orbea Campus BCN. As soon as I enter this top store I saw what I needed and was looking for. It was shocking, kinda when you cross eyes with the correct person at the dance floor. You know what I mean right? I froze in front of the bike like 5 seconds and said “fuck yeah” in my head. Now, I just needed all my camping gear which was relatively easy to find it..Europe’s biggest outdoor gear supply store is named Decathlon.
You can find about anything to go to the moon and fucking camp over there.
So yeah, I grabbed what I needed…



I’m not going to lie, I was scared to start this tour. Different country and continent. I didn’t had a map or plan, I didn’t knew the rules, roads, or policies. Basically, I didn’t knew shit. I just knew I had a bike and had to move forward. So my brilliant mind said, just follow the curve of the Mediterrenean..and that’s what I did…just follow the sea, zig zag, and basically get lost..

At the end, apparently my English teacher enjoyed the essay so I did graduated.
Above all, I turned that science fiction story into a real one.
Five years later I was smashing down the Mediterrenean, kinda like the dude from the story did. Not in a black Porsche, but in a black bike. Lucky me..I guess I wrote my own destiny at school..




If you ended up reading this, thank you very much for your time. Remember to write your dreams in a piece of paper, with patience and attraction it might become real.
Now play this song while you roll:
Escort -Cocaine Blues (Greg Wilson Rmx) 


Fly: Norwegian (Cheapest airline to get to Europe from USA)
Stay in: Hostel One
Drink: Macera Taller Bar
Visit: Mercado de La Boqueria
Exercise: Playa de la Barceloneta
Get Lost: Barrio Gotico
Don’t miss: Cementiri de Montjuic










In the past months I’ve met a bunch of cool fun awesome strangers. We either have shared a drink, coffee, breakfast, dinner, or just a simple chat in a lonely rooftop. Of course, this always leads to an interrogation session by both sides.


As soon as they find out i’m happily cycling wherever I want they always ask me: Where do you shower and how can you afford travelling?

Therefore, I decided to make this blog post. By the way, very simple question to answer. I shower anywhere there is water and I work anywhere I can or when I feel like it. Water as money is about anywhere in the world, so it’s very practical to get wet or get rich. 

It’s like I’m a human being not a freakin atm machine poppin bills or something out of this world.

CABE37A6-B33D-45D5-B942-977A0CA9FDC4(About to take a shower somewhere in Queretaro,Mexico)

Anyways, mean while cycling across Mexico, Europe came into my mind. The upcoming world cup was the perfect excuse to jump over the Atlantic ocean and tear down the roads of the old continent.

In Cuba I had to flip a coin. Find a job in the States, Mexico, or continue cycling down Central America in my journey to reach Argentina one day. 

Coin turn to Alaska. 

Interesting, I always said I wanted to go to Alaska and reminded to my friends that if they faced any problems in their lifes I’ll help them no matter where they where! I’ll be there, it didn’t matter if they were in Alaska or god damn North Pole…I’ll be there. Loyalty, after all….shit, I was lying and ended up sinking in my own joke!

Well, to date I don’t know where I was, I just know I was damn far from civilization. 


After having a blast around Mexico and Cuba I ended up in a seasonal job in the sea industry that appear like an eternal prison but I took it in the most positive way possible.

I was in Alaska, the last frontier..


I’m not going to lie, during this short phase of my life I learned how to fucken earn every single penny in a dollar. I remember desesperately telling my fellow co workers that I was done with this bs. Well, I told them every single day, hour, minute and second until I switched my mind into playing rather than working.

so here is/was my/the trick,

Rather than working hard because job was tough..I took it as a training camp. I had to prepare mentally and physical for touring Europe. I knew that after Alaska everything was going to be a piece of cake. I felt very confident about this so I had to maximize and work on myself.


I was exercising in and outdoors with unbelieveable weather conditions. For example, rain and snow smashing in my face not to exclude running with cold wet shoes for long periods of time. I also read motivational books that brain washed me but I was cool with it. I read the 7 something of successful people, engaging book by the way. An another one that I forgot the name of it but it recall that everything in life starts with 1 and the accumulation of it. For example, if you want to start cycling…start with 10 minutes, then add 5 minutes more and in a couple of months you’ll be writing a blog post on how you reached Guatemala in a bike. Ok, that was an example but is a fact if you want to save $100 you first need to save $1. If you want to get fat you first need to eat a burger, then add fries, then a soda as same as in love if you want to get marry or something I guess you need to accumulate details, points, trust, and all those lovely stuff to convince your partner. Maybe, not the best examples but you get the point right? start adding up!


Anyway, another activity that kept me busy was practicing and learning a new language, french in this case. Eventhough, I just learned how to order a coffee and ask if you wanted to go to the beach with me. Last but not least the main reason I was in Alaska, exchanging my freedom for money. Yeah, I just wanted to accumulate money to buy a bicycle and get my ass to the upcoming world cup in Russia. 

No matter what, since day 0 I was going to do everything possible to accomplish this goal. 


To date I remember two lines that I’ll never forget:

“Hustle while you wait” and “Hold on, at the end…it’s like you are living your dreams…you worked for them” first line is out of a book, second one from a friend after I told him that I was about to quit.

At the end, I never missed a working day and I can undoubtly say my friend Rodrigo and myself where the ones who put the most 0’s in our pay checks. Working our lungs off from 6am to 11:30pm a couple of times, a couple of days.


He wanted to build a house, I just wanted to cruise the mediterrenean sea, cheer Mexico in Russia 2018, and practice the two phrases I learned in Alaska somewhere in France. Of course, visit Madrid once again, take on Santiago de Compostela and watch my favorite bands. 

I don’t know if I will be able to accomplish all my vague dreams but true thing is I’m typing this in an airplane heading towards Madrid, Spain after cycling from Barcelona all the way to Croatia. I didn’t reach Russia but did celebrated that one goal we scored against Germany in seat C8 row 10.


(This post was merely to proof that everything is possible if you are willing to make it possible. Also, to remind ourselves that we create our happiness or fate, I chose creativeness in Alaska)


Cheers to everyone who is reading this, keep following and chasing your dreams. Your going to struggle, maybe suffer, but remember to create your scenario…learn, grow from it and have fun…you can do it!


Keep rollin, c ya!