Probably 25 years ago you could catch me playing under the dinner table of my old flat.
I wasn’t playing hide or seek by the way. In reality, I spent a careless amount of time pretending I was camping. Yeah, a white linen spread on top of the table was enough to cover the whole furniture and create a “tent”.
Super Nintendo or any other toy couldn’t beat the magical time I had imagining I was somewhere outdoors in the mid fantastic 90’s.
I attribute this peculiarity to my family that always took me to camping trips around the Baja California peninsula in my tender years, so I guess I loved the time well spent outdoors ever since..


   Until that time I found myself cold, wet, and terrified in a rural Italian province which I obviously didn’t know anything other than that I was exhausted and the moon was about to pop. As I cycle my way across this desolate region the sense of fear and panic was controlling me every kilometer I spin by dark roads that were taking me nowhere but doubtful corners.
Meanwhile, anxiety started to kick in between desperation and concern through alleys of the quiet region. In addition, my head revolved with countless questions that distracted the grace of the blooming hills. “Why the heck do I continue exposing myself to danger? ” I was really afraid about wild camping and to continue doing so for the rest of the entire trip. Frighten enough that I thought of quitting the tour at least twice.
Then I remembered the story I said earlier..
How I used to enjoy playing in my house when I was a kid. I realize I was doing somehow the same shit but with a couple of years in my back and actually in “real life”, in Italy not in my comfort zone.
Continuously, I took a deep breath followed by a lasting exhale as I usually do when I’m agitated and said to myself..

“Take it easy, your just a kid playing around once again..might as well just have fun”

Shortly, the fear I had was steadily decreasing and the motion of adventure kept me in the hunt for a safe spot where I could rest. Under a bridge where a canal was flowing by was further the most tranquil place I could hide and call it a day.

Next morning I reminded myself to keep my child spirit high and to continue with the flow.

By the flow I mean:


Drink coffee till I feel the high…or something..

Appreciate and enjoy everything I saw on my way with lentitude..

Eat ice cream 3 times a day if possible more..

Strictly sleep 8 hours..


Strictly treat myself.


In essence, how beautiful were the days when we were kids. Timeless and enjoying every small thing. Everything was fun and without prejudice. To date I always try to remind myself those golden years it keeps my mind tranquil and joyful without fear, stressing much, or being serious as it “has” or “must be”. That’s how kids live right?
In the momentum, worriless, and not giving a single f..
A state of mind that gives me the opportunity to adapt and see the world as a playground and collect experiences to fill my soul.
Taking every adventure as a learning phase that will prepare me for a future challenge or perhaps next life scenario.


I was in Italy a little more than a year ago and definitely time flies. It took me over a year to post this short diary. It’s really cool because I started out brainstorming after cycling across the country, so I had the main idea but not exactly the words.

The idea kept within myself ever since..adding a little bit here and there, re-editing, and questioning if I should post the final result and fuck yeah I have to because one day I want to go back and remember it took me forever and several places in between but I’m still here adding another god damn chapter to the book of my life and a note to myself of a line that I recently read and caught my attention:

“Life is too important to take it too seriously”



I found the line in the book,  Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and It’s All Small Stuff by Richard Carlson.

Grazie mille!

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