La Costa Brava


Have you ever been in a 12 hour flight next to a baby? I mean, a baby like a child not a hot curvy girl.

Well, I guess I have to cross this off the list because Jesus Christ AKA God decided to put me next to a newborn baby for a transcontinental flight from Los Angeles to Madrid. About to be a long journey..

It has been like a ritual how I prepare myself before the flight takes off. First, I play my favorite song in my mp3 player and then I cover my face with a beanie. I do this just in case something goes wrong with the take off. For example, the plane crashes, gets in fire, and probably everyone dies. That includes me. This ritual has been a success to avoid any personal panic attack and in case I die I’ll die happily with a rush of adrenaline from Death From Above 1979 between my ears.


Take off, was good. The baby wasn’t to excited about it though. 

A loud stubborn cry made me uncover my face and inspect what was happening around with my fellow “neighbors”. Yes, very obvious..a baby crying and two young parents dealing with him with a repetitive “shhh,shhhh,shhh”. 

“Lo siento” the father said a few minutes later with a Spaniard accent. Which I just replied with a smile and a polite “No hay problema”.

Realizing I wasn’t going to be able to sleep at all I started typing a few things in my phone and semi planning the next 90 days in the old continent. I was really focus on my thing until the father asked me if it was my first time in Spain and all this popping bonding questions that he brought to the table.

Luckily, the baby was deeply in sleep by now that I could maintain a conversation with both of the native Spanish parents for the rest of the flight.

Is it legal to wildcamp? Is it legal to do this and that? Is it expensive? Where do I go? Where do I stop? How do I get there? What if? Where can I?

I wasn’t out loud crying like the baby but now I was absolutely more noisy than the child. I couldn’t stop asking questions and questions and questions by anymeans..

I wish one day they could read this and see the pictures of all the places they told me to go and stop.

If it wasn’t for them I probably had missed La Costa Brava.


La Costa Brava is the Northeastern coast side of Spain that runs from Blanes to Portbou, France. Fantastic views, weather, scenary, hills, downhills, and nature. Just like in the Hollywood movies but fancier. I didn’t took that much pictures considering that I wanted to enjoy every single second and record every image in my mind. Eventhough, I took a few for my future grandkids to see just in case they think I’m bullshitting them..

There is a lot of spots you can stop and stroll  between La Costa Brava. I chose two just because the names sound hella cool, Tossa de Mar and Cadaques.

This two touristic places are not expensive as I thought…well it only gets expensive if you are on a strict beer, pizza, and ice cream diet. Other than that I highly recommend to stop and give them a try.

In Tossa de Mar I met this old vivid character, his name is Giovanni. After a few “cañitas” he told me:

“Estas haciendo cosas de niños pequeños” ( Your doing kid stuff ). I didn’t catch his tone of voice nor in what way he ment to tell me that but it was funny. He was right, I’ve been doing it since the Stone Age..



Cadaques, located 100km up North from Tossa de Mar is where Salvador Dali decided to live and invest his peaceful time into art. I personally don’t know much about Dali other than his moustache but for art junkies I think this would be a great place to discover more about him. You can find his house that is now a museum to visit.

But if you are not interested in art or history or Dali or anything in between. You have other options like ice cream. I literally spent a day eating ice cream and watching the day go by. The view was georgeous with a soundless environment that made this a perfect place to rest.


Dali absolutely knew where to live. Not because of the ice cream he had around the corner but of the tranquil life he chose..

…quality instead of quantity.


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