Little Mexican Amsterdam

My first stop in the state of Sinaloa was in Escuinapa. A little town full of free mangos, cyclists, and humble people. I can say this town is like a little Mexican Amsterdam, honestly…there is bikes everywhere and both men and women use them to commute daily.

On my way to Escuinapa, which is around 90 kms aways from Mazatlan. I found mangos all over the road and obviously free! This made the stage even better! It was so good to have a mango every other 30 kms to refuel that sugar intake.

In the other hand, I´ve heard that Sinaloa was the most dangerous state in Mexico nowadays. I can recall that the most scariest thing that happen to me while I was there it was a big raining that flood my tent and got me wet…other than that another good day on the road!

Respect and hats off to the Escuinapa´s fire station people. They let me camp in their place and made me feel really welcome. When in doubt go straight to the fire stations! These people are going to help you straight away! In the picture above is Leandro, the captain of Escuinapa´s fire station…we were chatting and joking around.
Good times amigo!

No time, no date, no hurry to get to a place…

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