Trapped in paradise


After cycling more than 1500 km, between the desert, jungle, mountains and it’s solitude I just wanted to laidback and take it easy for a couple of weeks in the beach. For my surprise, my two weeks rest break in Sayulita, Nayarit turn into a one month and 3 weeks journey in this small fantastic surfing town.

Why did I stayed for a while? Why not? What’s better than a town without stop lights? For me, that means no rushing…no time, no hurry, no stress..

and yes, that’s what it is! A beach town full of joy, colors, smiles, and folk. A place where you can connect yourself with the present and enjoy the moment of it. A place that everyone is smiling with or without reason. A place where you enjoy the rain as much as you enjoy the sun. A place where is totally fine to loose track of time. A place where you breath peace and exhale greet.

Much love to everyone I met along the way, you made a huge chapter on my life book!



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