Trash flavored trash

A trash container project I started around Sayulita since I notice garbage was a major issue around and accordingly to research is the 2nd dirtiest beach in Mexico.

Though the beach is not dirty only’s our fault. So please, please everytime you go to the desert, beach, jungle, city or anywhere please pick up your trash. Be more responsible for your world, is ours and it’s beautiful!

I’m aware that this will not change anything from one day to another but hopefully I make an impact on people’s ideology.

If everyone sums up we can do big things. It only starts from us, so ways you can help and improve the quality of the environment is to recycle, use less plastic bags better yet use textils or backpacks to carry your groceries, don’t use straws, and shop second hand clothing.

Thanks again and hats off to the people from gofunding! This project was thanks to you, you helped, motivate, and inspire me! I helped the community and together we helped and contributed for a better world.

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