Viva Mexico!


Short quick stop in Tequila, Jalisco to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day.

things to do at this colonial town:

Get lost in the streets.

Visit the mercados, where you can find great tasty and cheap food. For example, sopes and tacos dorados! Don’t forget spicy salsas!

They’re a bunch of tequila house companies around the place. The one I visited was Orendain, which I recommend to go and explore.

Though Jose Cuervo is a top one!

A tour to visit this tequila houses are around $200 pesos but with a little of confidence and work you can do it for $100..

So yes, after being a couple of months in Baja California, Baja Sur, Sinaloa, and Nayarit…Jalisco turns to be awesomely cheap!

You can run a day with less than $150-200 pesos and that includes; sopes , beer, accomodation, and of course…tequila!

Pack your bag and fly!

Viva Mexico!

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