Guanajuato was strongly on the places I had to visit! So there I went and found and incredible colonial city that reminded me of Granada, Spain. The colorful funky houses and alleys all over the place makes this such a great spot to chill and vibe happily.

Guanajuato, has a bunch of museums and art stuff to see around. At the time I didn’t felt to visit touristic places but just kinda get somehow deep into the city.

When I say deep, I mean eating a lot of local food, talking to random people, drinking with unknown folks, hearing and singing to norteño music, and undoubtly visiting the mummies.

…so when in Guanajuato, try chalupas! It is a corn tortilla with mashed potatoe and a spread of black beans topped with salsa! So good and cheap! Also gorditas and huaraches! All this of course vegetarian options! God dammit!!

For drinking, stay around the plaza and watch the world go around…but if you are looking for party  visit Golem!

Lastly, get lost in Mercado Hidalgo and all around Guanajuato, you’ll love it!

Overall, I had a great stance! Thanks everyone that made it happen! Shout out to the firefighters!!

Ohh and last but not least…don’t forget to kiss your love one at “El rincon del beso”


…yea you know who is my babe..



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