San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende was one of the towns I wanted to cover on the third stage of my cyclo trip around Mexico. The road to get to San Miguel was just wow! Every new road that I have the privilege to cycle is exciting and incredible but this time the scenery and weather just made it perfect. The rain, cold weather, and the grayish sky made 100km nothing but pure bliss and a shot of life!

It’s interesting how I started in Baja California with unbelievable hot weather! To the point that I had to be shirtless and drinking +5 liters of water to endure the hard stages. Unlike, lately I need to wear pants and sport jackets to protect myself of the upcoming winter season!

Well after several cups of coffee and random stops to enjoy the road I manage to arrive to San Miguel de Allende….and obviously it was a party! It seems Mexico always wants to party! For my luck there where celebrations all over the town that started a couple of days before my arrival. Fireworks, music, people dancing all around, and cheering across the main square was definetely a good welcoming and experience!

San Miguel de Allende is quite similar to Guanajuato in my opinion. Their colonial architecture endorse the town with picturesque houses and colorful walls. I only stay a night but it was pleasant to get to visit a place I really wanted to go! I ate cheap street food like always, gossip around with locals, and got lost over the town!

Visit San Miguel de Allende either on Mexican Independence Day or late September…suppously their the best dates to be there!

Viva Mexico!


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