Travel wave



Travelling is the best and the worst. Why? Because you either make it happen or you just watch how everyone is going around the globe.

Yes, it sounds easy to just hop on an airplane and flew away but this undoubtly requires an investment and monetary need to make it happen. Though, I truly believe that everything is possible whether you have a fat bank account or not.

I’m saying this due to the fact that I had the pleasure to meet and have fun with people that are living their dream! Travelling non stop.


All of this mad souls have something in common. They live their present and they rather collect memories and experiences instead of souvenirs.

Almost all of them left with the minimum to live it up, but it’s when they’re running out of money when their mind starts working to still be adventuring out there. Survival skills..I guess.


Therefore, below is a few tips on how to save and make your travels easier while you are backpacking, hitchhiking, bikepacking, or any other mean of travelling.

The goal is to make it happen!

First, find a way to move or transport yourself..

Hitchhiking? This can be a great idea! Stand and wave for a couple of hours outside a gas station with a cardboard sign that has a visible destination and your set to go! Just be patient about it!

Theres always good people out there willing to help make dreams happen, plus is always cool to share stories or jokes with a stranger.

I’ve heard a lot of stories from backpackers travelling this way all around the globe without any risk.

The important thing is to go with a positive vibe!

Personally, I have done it several times with and without a bicycle. It is a rush of adrenaline and fun when your ride is a yacht kinda boat!


Bicycle, my favorite! Being an exercise and travel junkie this is the best way I can combine both and just be as happy as I want!

Cycling gives you the freedom to go wherever you want and see places you won’t see in a car, airplane, or any other way of transportation!  The good part is that you burn calories not money! So eat as much as you can or want…cause you are burning that later! Easy!

Walking, that’s crazy but my respect to those ones doing that!

Car or airplane…expensive but you get to your destination faster.

A website I can recommend to look for cheap flights is Google flights.

If you are moving by car, your best bet is Bla Bla car. That’s an app that connects you with people riding to specific destinations. Pro about it is that it has a lower fee compare to a bus ticket!

Now, where are you staying?


Accomodation is important…resting and showering for sure! But it doesn’t need to be expensive. Actually, it can be free as far as you want! Here is a list of applications and methods you can utilize to make your life easier.

Download Hostel World app, you can find the best and discounted accomodations around the world. Big plus is that you get superb directions on how to get to your destination, backpackers reviews, and pictures of the place before hand.

Airbnb app is great!
Live or stay like a local! Pro, if you invite people to join the program you’ll get airbnb credit towards your next reservation.

Couchsurfing, stay with a local, live it up, and make a new friend in the world.

Warmshowers, this media is exclusively for crazy bicycle riders out there! So if you are touring around in a two wheeler..I truly recommend you to get your hands on it!

Firefighter stations, this guys are my best bet! This humble persons will make anything so you can be safe and comfortable! If you are around Mexico stop by: Santa Rosalia, BCS / Escuinapa, Sinaloa / Guanajuato, Guanajuato.
They will sure give you a space to stay, wifi, water, and anything in between! So in any opportunity you might have please donate a few coins to this legends! Hats off and all my respect to the ones I have met on the road!

Police stations, as same as firefighters this guys will help you and give you a free space to camp…plus I guess you are going to be super safe!

Restaurants, this is a big win-win around Mexico. There are hundreds of small food kitchens so if you are trying to catch a safe space to camp ….stop at this places, eat something…and politely ask if you can camp in their back/front yard.

Churches, I was lucky to camp near God once so…yea go for it, Jesus is always willing to help, don’t forget that!

Volunteer in a hostel. Exchange your time for a bed, food, and good friends all around the world…cool isn’t?

As a tip, just go with an open heart and mind…everything is going to flow and don’t make plans or expect nothing. Life and the universe will always be good to you!


Food, try everything! I’ve been vegan for +14 years and I’m telling you this!! Just eat everything and experience the food from every place you are visiting! If you are vegan just be flexible with yourself…you won’t die by eating a little piece of cheese or fish.

Ohh yea, eat, good, and cool chats with the owners!

Souvenirs for friends and family? I’ll share what I do…I go to stores and get business cards…they’re free to public and if you get a little creative you can turn it into a small postal card note. Man, I’m not being cheap…just creative and taking care of my budget.

…and last but not least, don’t spend money on stupid things you don’t need. I managed to save money by always asking myself when I had a product in my hand…”Do you really need it?…I’m I going to die, If  I don’t buy it?” …maybe being less materialistic and giving a f what people think about you will make up saving lots and spending it on experiences.


That’s about it guys, I’m not a professional traveler, neither want to…..well actually f yea!! But all this has work to me and I hope you jump off the sofa and start rolling around!!

If you have any tip or ideas please feel free to share it with us!


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