La Ventosa


On my way to Chiapas, I heard from locals of a side town called “La Ventosa” .

They said, there was a lot of big fans everywhere and to be aware of the strong winds on that area. Honestly, they emphasize strong winds a couple of times to which I didn’t put much attention to it. I just wanted to know if the road was flat or hilly..

At that point of my trip I wasn’t trusting locals 100% anymore.
Due to over exaggerated advices and expectations.
….well I guess it’s not their fault, it’s mine for not doing my research before hand.

Anyways, I said to myself “Ohh man, how strong can that wind be? They’re just exagerrating again”

Long story short, I had to walk on a flat surface with my bike for 2 hours or more because the wind was pulling me back. Yes the wind was that strong.

Lesson learned, trust a local.

Shout out for any cyclist passing by this route:
Juchitan de Zaragoza, Oaxaca – San Pedro Tapanetepec, Oaxaca
+100 km of flat aware of the strong winds though!!

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