Guadalajara, Jalisco…an enormous city for my guts! Since I’m coming from a small city and cruising around beach towns…spending my last days in here has been kinda of shocking! Starting off with the traffic, people everywhere, and long walks to get to the closest store. Yet, I’m enjoying my stance in this place by visiting natural and sport faculties, tourist attractions, local bars, and the sketchy crowded downtown.

Where: Guadalajara, Jalisco

(2nd biggest metropolitan area behind Mexico City)

What to visit/do:

Colomos Park (free and relaxing)

Walk around Chapultepec Avenue.

Get lost in Mercado Juan de Dios.

Go around Plaza de Mariachis.

Dance off at Bar Americas.

Drink and save your budget at Cerveceria Chapultepec. Everything at 18 pesos..yes, food n drinks!

Have a cozy Sunday at Garden, an edgy spot by Chapultepec Ave where you can also drink and eat..a lil bit fancy though!

Joselito, good music..people and mezcal! Diff promo everyday!

And..well you can do more…just like any big city, there is always an activity or place to discover..

Basically get ready to spend some money, eat, drink, and dance a lot.

Though there is also chill activities to do like sports and stuff. For example, on Sundays the main avenue is closed for cyclists, runners, skaters, and anyone who wants to roll and sweat some calories!

If you are into big cities and in Mexico, don’t forget to visit Guadalajara…eat birria and drink tequila! Oh…and download Uber.


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