Tlaquepaque, Jalisco one of the biggest suburbs around Guadalajara. An easy and cool getaway from Guadalajara´s crazyness! Tlaquepaque has a bunch of things to offer. For example, an old church to visit and watch around…a small colorful plaza where you can chill or eat a pop at, a free museum, several boutiques and last but not least…lots of good food and snacks to eat! Therefore, if you are in Guadalajara don´t miss this place…

Where: Tlaquepaque, Jalisco (10km away from Chapultepec Ave.)

You can get by bus or bike…super bike friendly with a special roadside for us, top!

When: A cool Sunday getaway for sure!

What to do? Visit the Regional Ceramic Museum, which is totally free. Cruise around the plaza and if you are feeling guilty go to the local church.

(everything is relatively close)

Cool up: Please stop at Gavilan Cantina, refresh yourself with a craft beer, drink, or anything you wish!

(Walkside bar with edgy music to enjoy to)


Tlaq n roll!!

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