After, +1 month without traveling on the road it was scary to get back to that life again. Sayulita and Guadalajara really got me in a comfort zone. For example, I had a bed to sleep, a kitchen to cook, and friends to talk and laugh with. I mean: wildcamping, weather, traffic, putting my life on risk, and loneliness didn’t sound so fun again…but oh well..

The third stage of this route was to get from Guadalajara to San Miguel de Allende. It will cover 344 km of pure unknown madness. The plan was to split every leg in 110 km per day to arrive in 3 days..

Tour day came, woked up at 5:00am to get rollin at 6am. Drank a cup of coffee and pump my favorite music to get that high just to find out my bike had no breaks and one of the rims were broken.

Now, I was really really nervous…the plan to start off at 6 and get less traffic ..was not going to be a success.

Had to wait till 10ish for a bike shop to open in Guadalajara and Charly, the shop owner got my babe fix and ready in a couple of minutes..

Now I was ready to roll!!

Black coffee and green juice in the morning! Try it! High, energy, and healthy!

Thanks Charly! In case you are in Guadalajara and need a bike job…visit this guy!!


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