Off from Guadalajara

As I imagined, taking off Guadalajara late on the day will be madness and it was! It took me +2 hours to get my way on the road. Traffic was heavy, fast, and dangerous. Honestly, my heart was  pumping incredible fast as I was between cars or avoiding big trucks all along the way.

I had to calm myself and I truly believe this trip is more mentally than physical. So I started to talk to myself and chill my way down.

An important skill or idea I learned was to enjoy every second of the ride and calm the f down…there is no rush to get to a place, is not a race, competition or anything…just take your time, make it safe, and alive.

So there I went, from 20-25km/hr I slow down till 10-14km, so much slower but more cautious about it.

For the first time in this tour I had raining. Also, it was the first time I used that blue jacket I didn’t want to buy but glad I did…it save me!

At the end of day I only accomplished 80km out of the 110km that were planned. Sun was going down, I was tired, and hungry.

I found myself on a town called Tepatitlan in Jalisco.

Fun fact about this ride is that I had cramps, couldn’t get into riding rythm, and was craving guacamole so bad.

Therefore, that dinner was gold!

Beans, rice, salad, and guacamole never goes wrong!!…ohh and salsa!

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