Hierve el Agua


I can say one of Oaxaca’s hottest spot…just search it on instagram and you’ll find hundreds of flicks of it!

but it’s not only a picture moment on this natural infinity pool and petrified waterfall..

Take the most of it..

First of all, if you want to arrive to the place..which is 70km away or so from Oaxaca city either take a tour or a local taxi towards the town of Mitla.

I’ll choose taxi, you’ll get the local experience and it’s cheaper. Like 20 pesos..

After, you stop at Mitla you get a truck ride to the top of the hill which is crazy amazing! Have to experience it for sure! The price 50 pesos and obviously you can always deal a better price..

When you arrive to Hierve el Agua it has an entry fee of 30 pesos or so  and you are free to dip in the water and try the local food around.

My advice is to take a towel and swimming outfit to have the full experience plus the water has healing minerals to what I heard.

As a recommendation for those active junkies…take it as an exercise and do a trail running all the way to the top! You’ll love it!

Don’t miss Hierve el Agua, a perfect day trip and even a night camping stay to enjoy over the hills!

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