La costa fria

Good fresh sea food, cheap drinks, nude beaches, stunning sunsets, surfing, hot chicks, slow days and artisans everywhere…yup, it has to be Zipolite, Mazunte, or Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca.

This amazing state is incredible rich in…I can say everything!?

If Oaxaca’s folkcloric city wasn’t enough, get an amazing escape to it’s bay!

+300km away from the city main square you can find paradise, peace, and good times.

Let’s start off on how to get there:

The fastest and more reliable way to get to the bay is by colectivo. A colectivo is a minivan that will take 7-8 hours to arrive. It cost $200 pesos per person and you can catch it on Oaxaca’s main square..

After you arrive to Puerto Escondido..everything is pretty simple! You can either get a taxi or colectivo to Zicatela which is the closest surfing beach around or jump into an ADO bus that will take you directly to Huatulco for a cheap fee of $100 pesos.

Let’s clarify this:

If you want to surf go to Zicatela..

Huatulco if you want to spend money and feel like a worthy tourist.

Or if you want something chill, cheap, and get naked in the beach every now and then..just shoot either for Zipolite or Mazunte.

Quickie to help your budget..

Stay in Zipolite, it is cheaper and real chill place to stay. Plus, it has a private nude beach. Mazunte is 5 km away…you can either walk, run, or get a taxi for a day trip which I sincerely recommend.

If you stay in Zipolite, look for a hostel named El Carrizo. Say hi to Sylvana, the lovely frenchie lady that runs the place. She was my auntie for a week and you might get a discount or something!
Also, if you looking for the best stuff for your tummy..head straight to Piedra de Fuego for the best food and price around!

So good!

Don’t wait and get lost in the bay!

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