Day of the Death




Oaxaca, Mexico…my destination to take a break from cycling and of course celebrate the day of the death or in spanish el dia de los muertos!

You should know that in Mexico they party and celebrate everything. We even celebrate death. Man, that’s how we roll!

Anyways, Oaxaca is meant to be the spot to celebrate this day…and sure it was!
Markets full of people, backpackers eating elotes everywhere, and dozens of empty mezcales bottles can recall that!

I found Oaxaca very easy going and folkloric to wander around. If you want to get local and have a cool experience get lost in el mercado or central de abastos. In there you can find everything…I mean, everything! Even that thing you are thinking about right know…honestly.

I spended almost all of my days visiting that place. If I wanted a green juice, I could buy one for less than a dollar and if it didn’t fill me up I just had to turn over and grab a “pan de muerto”, a typical damn good bread you need to try either you are dead or alive.

After having my munchie, I stroll around and talked to whoever was available or gave me a smile. You can find hundreds of local people in here either selling or buying their daily goods. The big plus is that they can inform you about anything. In this case I was asking for places or festivities I had to do in Oaxaca.

A couple of things people informed me was about..”Las muerteadas”. This activity is like a parade where everyone is dress up dancing, drinking, and celebrating death through out the streets of Oaxaca! Just by typing and remembering this it gaves me chills and makes me go back in time. Unfortunately, I didn’t recorded as much videos and pictures as I would have wanted. Sometimes you get to this point in traveling that you want to enjoy and appreciate the moment through your eyes and not through a camera so well I detach myself of all devices and went with the flow.

In the other hand, if you are curious about “Las muerteadas” go ahead and look it up on Youtube…you’ll like that crazyness for sure but if you want to experience it go to Etla then!

Etla, is a small town like 10 or so kilometers away from the city of Oaxaca.
To get there obviously there is a hundred ways to do so.

The one I recommend due to festivities and traffic jam…and just to be safe about it is to catch a taxi. You can catch a taxi on the corner of central de abastos. The market I was talking earlier. This mean of tranportation is cheap and reliable. The cost will be around 30 pesos at the most.

A tip if you plan to go to Etla is to bring cash. Due to the fact that you will buy a lot of mezcales for sure and is going to be difficult to find an ATM. Also most shops don’t accept debit.

Overall, Oaxaca is a place to be! If you have the time to visit this state…make sure to be around for a while to truly enjoy this Mexican gem.

Also, if you plan on going around October/November book your accomodation in advance! Rooms and everything gets full quickly!!

I stayed in Hostal Central Oaxaca , which I recommend…5 star to this place!
Cheap, clean, super fast wifi and top notch breakfast! In matter of fact, this has been a memorable hostel because of the breakfast. One day chilaquiles were served and the other morning pancakes were on my plate. At one point I didn’t knew if I was staying in a restaurant or a hostel! Anyways, book there and say hi to all the staff! Tell them I send you!

You are all set my amigo! Pack your bag and visit Oaxaca!

Ps. dont forget your costume!

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