El Ceibo, Guatemala

11/23/17 Woked up in Tenosique, Tabasco, Mexico. 120 km away from another country, region, and a huge personal dream.

Eventhough, I knew I was so close I didn’t want to “celebrate” before head. It was going to be another day. A hard unexpected stage to be completed.

Therefore, I started the day with the same ritual. Hit a local coffee shop and catch a cup with random people.

Coffee was dark and strong. My excitement and happiness was all over me. Those seniors knew it and where interested in every single phrase I said.

After 2 cups, I had to let go the table of 6 persons that cheer me up and wish me the best of luck.

The 120km ride towards Guatemala was flat and easy. So easy, I was cycling 32km/hr. 12km faster than my average speed.

Heart was beating fast and my
mind was gone. I just wanted to cross the Guatemalan border and scream “Ahuevo!” or “fuck yea!”.

I was bumpin and riding to my favorite music. Every single song reminded me of something or someone along this journey.

On my way I randomly remembered and laughed of all the crazyness that happened on this 3454km trip to nowhere.

I couldn’t believe it, I was about to cross a country in a bicycle..

Tears of joy came down my eyes. Remembering all the goodbyes I had to say on the way, remembering all the people I met on the road, remembering all those wonderful souls that confirm me that we are a light strike in this world.

At one point, my legs were disconnected from my mind. 6 months and 3737km later were lucidly flashing back..

I would never forget that last flat straight. Probably 2km of bliss..

I stopped, took a deep breath,
scream the joy away, and started cycling again to Tame Impala – Expectation.

2km more and a dream was about to be accomplish. My sweat and tears reveal it. On the last meters a young kid wave at me and cheer me up. As if the universe hadn’t paid me off with all.

It’s going to be a huge note in my life, indeed.
That kid was a semblance of all the humans that were part of my dream, all the greatness, all the life, all the charity and humbleness that I’ve experienced through rain and shine.

My faithful partner, which share more that I asked for and totally changed my life for good was also breaking on tears and joy! I know it!Eventhough, she has two strong tires instead of a heart.

27377km and 2447 stories were gone and done.

We made it. We are on El Ceibo, Guatemala. In the Central America region.

I prove myself that luck doesn’t exist. That everything is possible if you are willing to go for it. I remembered that barriers do exist and not for stopping me but to see how I can over pass them. Life is a story, a book, a joke, a challenge…something to laugh about when you are bored at 86.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a soccer player, then a dentist, then an architect, then an adult to do whatever I want..

While I’m writing this I’m somewhere in Alaska flying across the bearing sea and if everything goes well at the time this blog gets posted I’ll be on top of the Atlantic Ocean.

Now that I’m an adult I just want to be a kid. Yup, riding a bike all day…anywhere.

See you in a bit Barcelona.







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