Unexpectedly, I landed in Cuba or “La Isla Eterna” how the locals referr to their magical land.

This tiny country (in size) but huge lively island has to be in your books. If it isn’t yet, don’t wait to write it on!

Before heading to Cuba I didn’t knew anything but Fidel Castro and the colors of their cool flag. Still, I don’t know much other than the food is great, people are full of joy, and that I wouldn’t mind living for a while in la vieja havana.

but…here are some suggestions just to make your life easier before hitting this place!

To all my mates from Mexico and also foreigners. If you flying from our country make sure to fly either from CDMX or Cancun.

You can catch super cheap flights from those two places flying with Interjet airline. You’ll get a free mojito in your way, to spice things up!

If you are an American citizen, please…please bring cash with you!
Unfortunately, all that political bs between US and Cuba is really strong to the point they don’t accept cards from any American institutions. All Americans webpages are also bloked. For example, Western Union and Paypal . Therefore, your chances to get money from the states is really hard and will ruined your salsa

So yeah, just bring cash with you!
It will save you a lot of headaches.

Plus, they don’t accept credit cards anywhere. Though, there are several ATMs around to withdraw money..

but c’mon avoid those fees.

Next, take your suit and fancy jewerly off. Make yourself a local.

Get on taxis.
Talk and laugh with everyone in the streets.
Eat where locals eat.
Dance even if you don’t know how to.

Basically, avoid touristic spots cus you’ll missed the magic about Cuba.

Before going to Cuba, I’ve heard a lot how expensive it was. Yes, it’s expensive relatively anywhere in the world…it all depends how you want to live it..

For example, if you want to stay in a resort or hotel of course it’s going to be damn expensive but there other options like:

Casa Particulares, these are like the Cuban’s hostel version but they’re just like 10 times better.

It’s like a small private studio/flat.
-private bathroom
-private a/c
-private beds
-no wifi ( best part of it)

you know, just your own space ohh and luckily you get a terrace to enjoy the views.

Casa Particulares run about 17 dollars per night which is a deal if you are travelling with a team. Then, you can split the price!

What I found incredible amazing from Cuba is that this guys don’t have wifi!! Oh god how amazing is that!

It was so lively to see people talking to each other at coffee shops. Kids playing ball at the alleys. People dancing around. Just people being people.

In the other hand, they say they feel trap because they can’t “escape” Cuba. I somehow feel sad for them but not as much as I feel for my own country or most developed countries in the world.

We are trapped with technology and instant solutions.

It was a long time I hadn’t seen a kid playing soccer in the streets or people enjoying and sucking life as much as this mates did.

Nowadays, we unfortunately attach to our smartphones. We don’t appreciate our surroundings, a long conversation, or a nice day outside. We rather lay in the sofa and see how much “likes” we have accumulated.

Cuban’s don’t give two fucks
about this. They, rather play loud reggeaton music, dance, and enjoy a good ice cream in the streets.

Try bocadito de helado, by the way.

To close, make sure to visit the revolutionary museum. Is really worth it and I don’t even like to go to museums but this one was really interesting.

Find a tabacco field and cruise around. Maybe smoke one or two “puros”

Also If you need any help, your best bet is to ask a taxi driver. This guys will find and help you with anything. For example: Casa Particulares, banks, local food, bars, places, about anything your mind comes up with.

Last but not least, dance and make a fool of yourself.

Cuba Libre!




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